day 4: highs and lows of the month (AUGUST)

Note: I failed to post since the 23rd, but today I’m resuming the 10-day writing challenge.


  • Got good grades and made it to the Dean’s List
  • Had the chance to spend time with my loved ones back home
  • Blog resurrection and gained a couple of followers


  • Hives and restrictions
  • Overwhelmed by how some of my subjects appear to be difficult (which they really are)
  • Stress came way earlier than I anticipated
  • I feel unmotivated, directionless, and confused
  • Haunted (currently) by thoughts of giving up that causes me late night breakdowns
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day 3: something that I miss

Two months from now I will be turning 19. I don’t feel old nor young. But one thing’s for sure, I miss being a kid.

Looking back,

  • I miss how I always get enough sleep.
  • I miss the carefree life I had when I was younger.
  • I miss the fact that people’s opinions didn’t matter to me.
  • I miss dressing up for Halloween and go trick or treating with my kababata(s)
  • I miss the excitement that I used to feel during the holiday season. It feels like as I get older, the Christmas and New Year are events I grew up being accustomed to celebrate. I don’t know. It just that it doesn’t excite me anymore. And I’m upset that I feel that way.
  • I miss those times when my only problem was how to get through a certain level in Super Mario Bros.

day 2: top three pet peeves

  1. Attention-hogs. Not only are they agents of irritation but also tend to be annoyingly irrelevant.
  2. When guys (in our house) do not lift and/or put down the toilet seat. I’m disgusted by this kind of action because it’s so unsanitary.
  3. People who habitually bite straws. If you’re reading this and you do bite straws intentionally or unintentionally, I’m sorry but it makes me soooo uncomfortable.

Tbh, it was hard for me to pick three because I have tons of pet peeve. HAHAHAHA.

day 1: 10 things that make me happy

  1. COZY WEATHER – What I love most about my home town is the weather. Tagaytay Weather. I love wearing comfy pj’s and sweaters during Christmas season.
  3. 24 CHICKEN – This is the answer / go-to food when I ran out of food ideas and choices for dinner. Luckily, there’s a branch within Taft area. Although it’s meters away from my place, I prefer to have it delivered to me because it’s less hassle kasi there’s always a long queue. Jack Daniels is my favorite flavor. It’s so damn good.
  4. GREAT MUSIC – To be specific music that falls under Indie-Pop and Alternative Rock genre.
  5. FUNNY VINE COMPILATION – Whenever I’m sad, this is one of my remedies. Video compilations from vine (RIP Vine) put me in a better mood.
  6. BERRIES – Strawberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Raspberry. Name all the members of the berry family. I sure do love them. Some of my friends question my love for berries. They give me weird looks whenever I put them on my cereal, yogurt, fruit shake/smoothie. I mean, it’s not like it’s an odd thing right?
  7. KARAOKE – Singing my heart out just makes me really happy. Let’s disregard the vocal quality. Karaoke cures my stress + a nice bonding activity with friends/family.
  9. KOREAN BBQ – Preferably the UNLI (unlimited) ones that offer cheese!
  10. UNEXPECTED COMPLIMENT/ACT OF KINDNESS – Encountering unexpected compliment or act of kindness from any person brightens my day and makes me feel good about myself.

And the list goes on…

foreword: 10 day writing challenge

NEWS FLASH: I’m halfway through my 20 day vacation. Bummer.

With that said, I’ve been planning to do a 30-day writing challenge for a while now (a little something that would keep me active here in WordPress). However, I prefer to rebrand it as 10 day writing challenge because I’d like to make the most out of my remaining 10 days of summer.

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CARPE DIEM: Dead Poets Society (1989)

CARPE DIEM! Seize the Day. A very famous expression that you might have heard from a friend or read from someone’s Twitter/Instagram bio. Well, I wasn’t aware that this movie started the notability of “carpe diem” until I watched it myself.

If it wasn’t for my critical and creative thinking professor, I wouldn’t have known that this movie existed. We were tasked to accomplish a review/reflection paper and this movie was the reference for the given guide questions. (shortened answers below)

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